About Us


Already having a successful men’s wear label under the name – MAYANK MODI. It was time that we also bring our expertise in the women’s wear.

The label- ASMI by Mayank Modi was born within a split-second realisation of having a fashion line that spoke to those women who radiate style with a casual ease.

The ASMI woman understands the history of Indian textiles and at the same time chooses to wear a clean fit that can even take her to a global summit.

The ethos of the brand ASMI lies in the subtle details that catch the eye or the sheer simplicity of beautifully handwoven fabrics that are in play. The brand believes in working with 100% natural fabric, which includes handwoven ikats, vegetable dyed silk, indigos & cotton.

Early Life

Mayank Modi, a true blue Bangalorean at heart, imbibes all the charm and pub culture of the city. He did his graduation from Christ College in commerce.

He gave up a lucrative corporate job to give flight to his designing dreams.

His first plunge into designing attires was with traditional men's wear. It was a dream fuelled by a passion for fine clothing and dressing well which, he nurtured right from his teens. Since then, there is no looking back for the designer. What started off as a passion is now the full-time profession of this Bangalorean, whose ultimate aim is to focus not on reviving or revolutionizing clothing but to make subtle classy improvements to the kind of clothes most of us already wear and imbibing his point about clothes being an extension of one’s personality.  

Retails From:

ASMI by Mayank Modi is exclusively retailed at Mogra: # B-24, The Collonnade, Leela Palace, Airport Road, Bangalore: 560008, Ph: 41152457