Asmi Sustainable and Ethical Fashion



The label-ASMI by Mayank Modi within a split-realisation of having a fashion line that spoke to those women who radiate style with a casual ease.

When you shop with ASMI, you can trust that your clothes were made ethically and sustainably.


Sustainability is about being mindful, and making something while being responsible towards the earth.

We’re passionate and in awe of the world that surrounds us. As the  Fashion industry is the second largest industry in the world, being part of it we have the responsibility to create garments which are safe for nature. Our aim is to create Sustainable and ethical garments, to protect the environment.

People and planet are central to everything we do. At Asmi, we want our customers to be proud of what they wear. Not just about how good they look, but also about the way the clothes are made and the effects they have on environment.


100% COTTON                  

Cotton is pure cellulose, with softness and breathability that have made it the world’s most popular natural fibre. Garments made from 100% cotton can be respun into fibres again at the end of use.


100% LINEN

Linen is made from flax and is one of the best fabrics out there and has been for ages. It is strong, breezy, anti-bacterial and gentle on your skin and the planet.



Ikat cotton is a high quality hand woven fabric dyed with the beautiful traditional ikat dying technique. Patterns of dyed fabric are skilfully arranged by the artisans, then woven in handlooms by experienced weavers.